Tubing and fitting

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Article number: THS-01008
Includes: 1/8" nut (connection to pump), teflon tube, inlet filter
Article number: THS-01139
1/16" SS bent SS tube used with the 70mm CatCart holder
Article number: THS-01004
Peek material tube connection; compatible with H-Cube PEEK and H-Cube Midi.
Article number: THS-01119
1/16" SS bent SS tube used with the 30mm CatCart holder.
Article number: THS-20012
Fingertight tube connection for inlet/outlet valve (P-318 + P200)
Article number: THS-01005
For peek Bubble detector; 1/16" x 0.5 mm ID, 170 mm length
Article number: THS-01060
1/16"x 0.5 mm ID, 1 m length