Pump related consumables

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Article number: THS-01002
Check Valve for Knauer HPLC pump.
Article number: THS-01045
Liquid filter, fits to the HPLC pump inlet tube
Article number: THS-38200
12V power supply for the Knauer pump
Article number: THS-50866
Communication cable between H-Cube/H-Cube Pro/X-Cube and Micro HPLC Pump
Article number: THS-34718
4pcs capsule (check valve), 1pc seal ring
Article number: THS-01017
10ml/min pump head with ceramic inlays for Knauer pump (K-120)
Article number: THS-01044
RS232 male-female type communication cable between H-Cube/H-Cube Pro/X-Cube - Knauer Pump
Article number: THS-01046
Sealing ring set for Knauer HPLC 10 mL pump head