Maintenance kit for X-Cube

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Article Number: THS-50824
Collection of items compatible with X-Cubei, which can be used for the maintenance of the system.


Kit Contains:
2 pcs CatCart Placer for X-Cube (THS X2005);
3 pcs Seal ring for mixer head (teflon O-ring) (THS 33664);
2 pcs Inlet filter for HPLC pump (THS 01045);
1 pc SS tube cut 1000 mm, 1mm ID (THS 50825);
10 pcs Teflon membrane kit (THS 01210);
3 pcs Mixer frit SS (THS 01021);
1 pc Hydrogen Check Valve (THS 01001);
4 pcs Knauer Pump Check Valve (THS 01002);
1 pc Assembly kit for 1/16" SS tubing (THS 01023)