Phoenix start package

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Article Number: THS-P1050
CatCarts and consumables for the Phoenix Flow Reactor.


Package Contains:
2 pcs Holder for CatCarts (set) (THS 33790);
1 pc 30 mm CatCart holder (THS PC210);
1 pc 70 mm CatCart holder (THS PC220)
2 pcs 30x4 mm 10%Pd/C CatCart (THS 01111);
2 pcs 30x4 mm Raney Nickel CatCart (THS 01112);
1 pc 30x4 mm Inert CatCart: Titanium (THS 01110);
1 pc 30x4 mm Inert CatCart: Quartz (THS 01010);
2 pcs 70x4 mm 10% Pd/C CatCart (THS 01131);
2 pcs 70x4 mm Raney Nickel CatCart (THS 01132);
1 pcs 70x4 mm Inert CatCart: Titanium (THS 01130);
1 pc 70x4 mm Inert CatCart: Quartz (THS 01030);