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ThalesNano offers the widest available chemical space for synthesis. By expanding the parameter window of the traditional methods, our instruments can be used at temperatures from -70 °C to 1000 °C, and pressures from vacuum to 200 bar. By this, high-energy reactions can be implemented in a safe and efficient manner, continuous flow reactions with gases become available, and high temperature and high pressure chemistry can be performed.

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Currently available instruments:

The products available on our webshop are usable with the following currently purchasable instruments. Get in touch with us to get a quote for the systems.

  • H-Cube® Mini Plus

    The H-Cube® Mini Plus is a safe, powerful and affordable flow reactor which generates high-pressure hydrogen with the electrolysis of water, allowing chemists to perform catalytic hydrogenations from atmospheric pressure and room temperature to 100 bar and 100 °C in minutes.
  • H-Cube® Pro

    The H-Cube® Pro hydrogenation flow reactor offers higher throughput and wider temperature capability for more advanced applications. Active cooling for more selective reactions is included, as well as real time reaction monitoring and data logging.

  • Phoenix Flow Reactor

    The Phoenix Flow Reactor™ is an easy-to-use reactor designed for high temperature and high pressure reactions, enabling the synthesis of novel compounds in a parameter space not achievable with standard laboratory equipment. Its versatility allows the users to create a reaction system that suits the chemistry best.

  • PhotoCube

    The PhotoCube™ is a multi-wavelength instrument available for advanced photochemical applications. Various configurations can be applied to a diverse set of batch, flow, stop-flow and CSTR photochemical reactions. Options for multicolor and UV LEDs enable you to apply up to 7 wavelengths, in addition to white, even simultaneously.
  • IceCube

    High energy reactions are an extremely important part of synthetic chemistry, but are often underutilized due to their hazardous nature or complexity of set up. The IceCube Flow Reactor™ was designed to overcome these issues by providing an easy-to-use and safe instrument. Specifically it was developed for performing reactions such as lithiation, diazotization, azide formation, nitration, and ozonolysis at low temperatures for enhanced safety.
  • Autosampler

    A revolutionary bench-top in situ hydrogen generating reactor in combination with the H-Cube® Pro or the Phoenix Flow Reactor, combined with an industry recognized automated liquid handler and software. The Autosampler™ provides all the inherent benefits of the H-Cube® Pro (safety, convenience, high throughput) integrated with an automated liquid handler made by Gilson Inc. and a dedicated control software. Now you can include hydrogenation or other heterogeneous catalytic reactions to automated synthesis.

No longer sold instruments:

While the following instruments are no longer available for purchase or service support, you can continue to use them with the spare parts, CatCarts and other consumables we provide through our webshop.

  • H-Cube Midi

  • H-Cube Peek

  • H-Cube SS

  • X-Cube